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Love Fiercely


Hello!  I am happy you are here!

My name is Patty.   I am passionate about Tarot and how you can move into living your best life.  Although I am an intuitive reader, I use my intuition with my deep understanding of the traditional meanings of the cards to give you the clearest information you need. 

Do you have a question about a relationship?  Have you lost your way?  Are you looking for space and are remembering how to breathe?  How about manifesting your dream career?  Are you having the best day ever and want to treat yourself? 

You are in the right place!  Get your reading booked! 

I am looking forward to spending time with you.


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I can help you

Tarot By Patty

I am a home-grown Coloradoan.  I was raised on sunshine, astrology and John Denver.  We grew big garden and family was the center of my world.   All of this gave me a deep appreciation and love to Mother Nature.​

I am a double Aries with Cancer rising.
I love fiercely. I didn’t always.

As a teenager, my family experienced trauma. Years later, I realized I was using this trauma as my identity for years.  I went on to study yoga and to later be a teacher.  My teacher Gary Kraftsow, said the hardest yoga pose to master is standing on your own two feet.  It’s true.   During my studies, I felt I was able to peer into the center of the universe and found out who we are.  We are love.  Everything we do is rooted in love.  If you peel back the layers to any situation, you will see it.   Every decision we make in our life is rooted in love.  Since then…I love fiercely.​

My love affair with Tarot began over 20 years ago.  I am still astounded by the guidance, advice, and sometimes tough love.  Following the cards AND listening to my own inner knowing, I have mastered standing on my own two feet.  I want you to experience this too.​

Our home is filled with books, lots of music and a very large adopted fur and feathered family.  It is loud and hairy at times and we wouldn’t change one thing about it.  I love to celebrate family and friends.  We are put here to raise each other up.  I am that proud friend you have in the corner cheering you on the loudest!  You’ll see!


"Patty was gentle and openly honest with me in my reading. My question was
quite sensitive and I felt Patty’s caring nature through the reading. She was
very accurate and offered me some great advice in order to help me and my
situation. I am very thankful for your time and expertise Patty."


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