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"I really doubt I could ever thank you enough. You answered me and spoke from your heart. I shed tears! I’m still squeezing them out so please forgive any sentence mishaps. What a wild day. Thank you so I am grateful for your time and for your thoughtfulness, considering and holding space for me; it makes an energetic difference. I am in California on the coast and wherever you are, Colorado? I felt it."


"It was a great reading. Instinctively she clarified everything that I suspected was the truth. It just feels good to have clarity & increases confidence to move ahead. Well done. It has given me confidence to move forward with the things I love & the rest will sort itself out. It felt warm. It felt she knew me. She explained everything well & even drew another card as she felt more information was needed."


"Patty answered my question in such a beautiful way, I am very grateful for her reading. Patty was absolutely spot on in her reading. Patty was completely accurate in her reading, she was spot on with the information she gave and it has given me renewed hope. The reading was done in such warm manner, it was completely accurate to my current situation and has given me hope that things will have a positive outcome. Patty was excellent, her warmth came through the reading. I’m so very thankful for my beautiful reading."


"I really appreciate how thorough Patty was in answering my question using the tarot cards. Thank you so much for being so in-depth with my reading. Your reading has given me a lot of comfort, confidence and foresight. I feel very prepared to move forward. Thank you. I appreciated the time and effort Patty took during my reading. I really valued your commitment and how professional you were - Thank you!"


“The way she structured everything and left not one detail out and completely answered my concerns I'll definitely be doing a reading again soon. The reading gave me a good insight into my situation and was very helpful to me.”


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