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Tarot Readings

A tarot reading can be the door to greater understanding of self.  A reading can give you guidance in any area of your life.  Tarot can support you, it can challenge you, inspire you and bring you happiness.  Tarot is about you.  When you have a reading with me, I am here to listen to you.  You will have an honest, from the heart reading where you are free to explore what it is you need to know right now.

Readings are emailed to you as a PDF for you to savor.  This is so you can refer back to it, print it, meditate with it or use it in your journaling practice.  You will receive detailed descriptions of your cards along with my intuitive perception, an in-depth summary of your reading and a photo of the cards drawn for you.  You can expect to receive your reading within 3-days of scheduling your reading. 

This is a safe place for you to be yourself.  The more information you share with me about what it is you would like to explore, the richer your reading will be.  It is an absolute pleasure to read for you.

Straight and Simple

Straight and Simple


Order this 1-3 card reading to receive the message you need to hear right now.  Do you need a straight and simple answer to a specific question?  This three card reading will give you that clarity.   $20/US

Heart of the Matter

Heart of the Matter


Order this 3-5 card reading for a specific question or an area you want to focus on.   

A spread will be created to give you the insight you need.  This reading will give you a sense of where you are and will give you understanding and confidence in your situation.  $25/US

yearly Transit Reading

Journey Spread


Order this 5-7 card reading to go deeper into discovery.  Do you have a specific question that needs an in-depth tarot map?  This is for the big picture of your life or a current situation that needs attention.  Are you ready to expand in your career?  Are you soul searching right now?  A spread will be created for you where paths are discovered, strengths uncovered, and the dips along the way are worked through.  $35/US

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